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A few Tips regarding Traktor Kontrol Z2?

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#1 porrtis

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Posted 08 September 2017 - 11:23 AM

sup guys,


so.. i got a few questions. more like general questions, not being too specific i guess.

my issue is this: i always wanted to do a mixtape. it was basically the reason i started DJing at the Age of 15 or 16. however, when i started, i was like "nobody would listen to this, you can't scratch" so i started scratching. like 12 years later i did literally nothing else than scratching. now i finally would love to do this damn mixtape which i promised my younger brother 12 years ago. he's still waiting u know.

anyways. i know how to mix songs into each other with beatmatching and all this basic stuff. i am not too bad on the beatjuggling side either. however, i have like no clue how to do cool things on my Traktor Kontrol Z2.

Now i know that there are endless possibilities with a DVS mixer. I dont need 99% of them. However a few things would be cool, like mixing "instrumentals while the song/accapella is still running" - u know what i mean? hard to describe. i suck at describing things. but i caught a few DJs doing so.

Song A was running, and he mixed a new instrumental below the Song while the Voice was still running but the original instrumental ended. 

and i'd love to make a cool intro containing samples of all/most of the songs that will be on my mixtape. what's the best way to do this? should i do this on Audacity or is there a cool way to combine short samples of like 5-6 seconds of each different song into one big intro? i have no idea what i have to look for when i want to google that stuff or check on youtube guides.

when i watch rafik, i cant get behind all the things he does.

anyway, if someone knows a few tricks or can add 1-2 videos on Youtube where i can catch these things i'd be really happy.

thanks guys

#2 rasteri

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Posted 08 September 2017 - 03:13 PM

Most of the stuff you describe is easiest done by making your own custom edits of tracks, you can do it using like 2 virtual decks and the sampler and stuff but I always found that shit goes wrong when you've had a couple of drinks or you reinstall traktor or something.

I use Ableton to do edits mainly, it's the best I've found.
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