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Speed, Strenght, Endurance

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Posted 15 May 2017 - 11:07 AM


From watching Pete and Sy cut, I'd also propose that you're possibly moving the fader long distances and that smaller movements will help speed you up.


I thought you scratched reverse at first because the fader spent so much time on the other side :p

When I drop the sound I always have a habbit or puling the fader to the other band to cut out the beat. That's a bad habbit. I do it too often :d


haha i've been working on doing this intentionally :) I used to do it with one type of scratch, but i've been working on incorperating it into thoer techniques and you get a cool cutting effect on the beat along with the cuts, but theyre offbeat to each other so it soinda really choppy when its right

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